It’s your time to shine ✨

Hey Everyone,
I’m very sure the name of this post was really discouraging, but trust me, it’s worth it.

Well, Giving excuses about how inconsistent I’ve been is becoming a regular thing I do 🤦 My apologies. I’ve had quite a lot on my mind but I’m back now.

Basically, I’ve been struggling about what to discuss for some time now, however, with the help of good friends ❤️ I was able to come up with this.

I’m already talking too much, so I’d go straight to the point now.

Okay so, it’s summer again and everyone’s looking forward to the best events to attend and all. Like there’s literally a lot going on at this point. And that’s what led me to the point I’m here to make “What exactly can you offer ?”

To be honest, I’m sure they’re alot of people who have unique ideas on things to do but they’ve probably not had the level of support they wish to attain and that’s why I’m here to encourage everyone.

Look, I’d start off by letting you know that life’s limited, so the earlier the better. With the rate at which things are going, especially in our society today, it’s not about your level of intelligence or rather certificates ; I’m not trying to say school’s entirely a scam But then, Everyone’s trying to build themselves in positive ways and get a name.

At times, I think about what I’m actually doing with my life. Like almost everyday there’s a new upcoming artiste in Abuja. Like people are literally taking bold steps to big achievements. And it gets me wondering; Would I keep cheering and anticipating every single movement someone’s taking for the betterment of themselves and others or would I actually partake in such movements?

Don’t get me wrong or anything, I’m not saying it’s bad to support People but for how long would you keep up with that?🤷

Those at the top now didn’t just start off there. They earned it. Begin to build brands for yourselves, the earlier the better. I’m not talking about just for this summer, brands that would last for a lifetime. Put aside thoughts of criticism and start now.
Stop looking for who to familiarise with or rather famz. Take the decision to stop being the famzer today, Be the “Famzed” not the Famzer okay???!! Lol I can swear I sound like someone doing an advert.

Well, I really hope this is an inspiration to y’all reading and I believe in the next few months or years there’ll be a positive outcome from this.


24 thoughts on “It’s your time to shine ✨

    1. Lol. One thing you should know is that the joy of every parent is to see their Child progress in all they do. If you actually put in more efforts to build those ideas, Your parents would be left with no choice than to support you.


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