A sprinkle of Love❤✨

The sun is shining, the birds are singing and best of all, love is in the air.
As Valentine’s day is approaching, I hear alot of single individuals saying, “I don’t have a lover, so there’s no need for any celebration”, “Since I’m single,what’s even the use of celebrating?”Wow!

I for one, would have made alot of these statements too. However, this year,I’ve chosen to see things through a positive perspective.

As a kid, I watched a lot of cartoons. Of course, Most or rather all of them were foreign. I didnt have any specific interest. I watched all ranging from action,comedy to adventure and so on. These shows were of great impact.

Back then, I would think having an insect sting me would make me a super hero or putting on a wig would give me the life of a rock star, other times, I would think rotating my little digital watch would enable me turn into varieties of aliens; if you know, you know! Moreover, these shows not only affected my mentality in that aspect, they also gave me the idea that Valentine’s day would occur by having a little, fat baby putting on diaper (Cupid) shoot an arrow in my butt, thus making me fall in love; what a cliché!

Yes! it’s obvious that this isn’t how it works but most of us never actually sought to find out the true history behind the celebration.

The idea of Valentine begun when saint Valentine a popular priest in Rome decided to break the rules established by Emperor Claudius II. At that point in time, the emperor had banned marriage because he felt married men were bad soldiers. Moreover, Valentine saw this as an unfair act, so he arranged marriages in secret.

Eventually, Claudius found out and Saint Valentine had to face the consequences. He was thrown into jail and sentenced to death .There, he fell in love with his jailers daughter and on the day of his execution (February 14th), he wrote her a love letter and signed “from your Valentine”.

I’m sure if you’ve read to this point, You would be wondering why I’m even telling you this story. But you see, the whole reason behind Valentine’s day is based on sacrifices. The saint went out of his way to make others happy. Although, I’m not insinuating that anyone should break the law.

Basically, I just want you all to know that Valentine’s day doesn’t have to occur for only the married or those dating or perhaps only the lovers and so on.

Instead of staying in bed all day on the 14th of this month or complaining about how your previous Valentine’s day had been useless, you could go out of your way to make someone happy; just as Saint Valentine did.
Get a toy for that lonely kid on the street,Give out food, clothes or whatever is in your capacity , Have fun with friends and family.Be a blessing and Make someone HAPPY and at the end of it all,you would feel and appreciate the true meaning of Valentine’s Day.


13 thoughts on “A sprinkle of Love❤✨

  1. OMDSSSSSS!!!!! I’m just seeing this now!!!! So you know how to spell???? Chesssuss 😭😭😂😂😂😂 you’re so goooddd. You may be the reason why I’d wanna start reading books again 💙❣❣❣❣💙💙💙

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